Fancy colour diamond prices increase slightly in Q2 2016


For the second quarter of 2016 fancy colour diamond prices edged up in the period between April and June 2016, after a relatively soft first quarter.

According to the latest Fancy Color Diamond Index, overall price performance during Q2 was broadly in line with long-term trends in which continued demand-driven price increases for pink and blue fancy color diamonds are partially offset by continued price declines for lower-cost, commercial yellow fancy color diamonds.

Blue and pink fancy colour diamonds saw a 1.1% and 0.7% price increase, respectively, in the second quarter. Yellow fancy colour diamonds saw price declines of 0.5%, less than during the first quarter.

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Overall, prices in the fancy colour diamond category rose by 0.4% for the period. In sharp contrast, according to RAPI, white diamond prices declined across the board during Q2 2016, declining between 0.7-5.6% with the 3-carat category again being the worst performer.

In terms of specific colour and size categories, the strongest performers during Q2 2016 were fancy intense and vivid blues and fancy vivid pinks across all carat sizes. Most notably, the fancy vivid blue category saw an 8.6% price leap during the period, driven by the 1ct and 5ct size brackets. In contrast, the fancy yellow grade category declined by 3.7%, mainly driven by sluggish demand for the 3ct and 5ct sizes.

FCRF advisory board chairman Eden Rachminov comments: “Unsurprisingly, fancy intense and fancy vivid colour diamonds of all colours enjoy robust demand in the market, driven mainly by supply scarcity that is not likely to change in the foreseeable future.”

He adds: “The situation is different with commercial fancy yellow goods, which is being adversely affected by sluggish U.S. demand”.

On an annual basis, when compared to Q2 2015, the Fancy Color Diamond Index was up 0.5%, with blue and pink fancy color diamonds up 4.1% and 1.7%, respectively, and fancy yellow diamonds down 3.5%.

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