The Jewellery Show is a new trade event taking place in early September in London, and created by CloserStill Media.

The 5-6 September jewellery exhibition will be held at the ExCeL Centre in East London.

Organiser CloserStill Media is known for hosting business exhibitions in the learning, healthcare, technology and veterinary sectors, with events in cities like London, Birmingham, Paris, Berlin, New York, Singapore, Las Vegas, Austin, Orlando, Chicago, Reno, Frankfurt, Koln, Madrid, Barcelona and Marbella.


It is aiming to secure around 300 exhibitors and hopes to have 6,000 attendees at the inaugural edition of the Jewellery Show.

In addition to the line-up of exhibiting companies, the show will also deliver a combination of business seminars and design showcases, including a best-in-class catwalk.

This will showcase a mix of the leading international brands and the most highly regarded established and emerging designers.

The programme will feature case studies of retailers, both within the trade and also from other luxury sectors. It will cover everything from developing a profitable e-commerce platform and developing trust in online consumers to creating an experience in-store to bring consumers back.

Those who are looking to exhibit at the event, or take part in its speaker programme, or otherwise become involved, should contact CloserStill Media.

Lennox Addo, with 20 years of experience in the jewellery and fashion events industry, has partnered with the UK’s leading exhibition company CloserStill Media to launch the show.

Commenting on the partnership, Addo explained why he chose to approach CloserStill: “Anyone who has worked in the UK exhibition industry in the last 10 years will tell you CloserStill are at the top of the Premier League in this.

“They have launched more successful events and won more industry plaudits than any other company – in fact, more than probably any two or three other exhibition companies!

“Their track record of understanding markets and delivering the right mix of ingredients to make a show work made them top of my list as an event partner.

“They are big enough to back me and give the guarantee of realising the dream of this event, and expert and experienced enough to make sure it’s the right event.

“Moreover, their experience and handling of their extensive portfolio throughout the coronavirus pandemic means they are abreast on how to ensure the event can run safely.”

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