Olivia Burton - 3D Bees

The bee motif has been buzzing around for a while, and still, in 2017, it shows no signs of coming out of fashion.

Olivia Burton flew into the jewellery scene towards the end of last year, after five years of taking the watch market by storm. With a cult following on social media, and extremely loyal customers, the jewellery collection was very much anticipated and did not disappoint as the brand naturally transitioned its watch aesthetic into fashionable rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants.

With the debut bee designs becoming a bestseller within the brand’s jewellery offering, Olivia Burton expanded on this with the launch of a 3D Bee range this summer.


The feminine pieces are vintage-inspired, and place their iconic character centre stage, with bees flying solo in studs and sitting happy on textured discs attached to bracelet and necklace chains.