How upcycling offers shoppers the chance to refresh vintage jewellery.

They say fashion always comes full cycle. What has fallen out of vogue doesn’t drop out altogether, it just plummets to the bottom of a never-ending cycle waiting for its chance to rise back to the top. But it’s not always true, is it?

When fashions come back, they come back with moderation and alterations. Just as fashion innovates as it regurgitates, jewellery is doing the same.


This is evident in the practice of upcycling becoming increasingly popular. For those not up on the lingo, this is a clever(ish) take on recycling, i.e. making old jewellery into new.

Brides want the sentimental comfort of a family heirloom, but the wearability of a fresh, modern design. Why go for something old or something new when you can combine the two? Or go all out for old, new, borrowed and blue in one if your stone happens to be blue and you intend passing it down the line.

Fashions come and go, and come and go again, but never in exactly the same way. So innovate, replicate and make sure you offer your customers the opportunity of combining the old and the new.

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