FBI sends Anne Hathaway jewellery to auction

The FBI sells jewellery given to the actress by swindler ex-boyfriend.

Thousands of pounds of Jewellery, given to Anne Hathaway by ex-boyfriend Raffaelo Follieri, is being sent to the auction block, as reported in the New York Post.

Among the items to be sold is a $25,000 gold Rolex watch, a pair of silver earrings, a silver chain with a cross pendant, two gold rings, a five-strand pearl necklace and a Louis Vuitton box.

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The 27 year old was given an opportunity by the FBI to bid exclusively on the items, but chose not to. The federal authority has yet to confirm a date for the auction.

Devil Wears Prada actress Hathaway ended her four year relationship with Raffaello Follieri shortly before his arrest, in June 2008, for swindling millions out of investors. She was forced by prosecutors to hand over the pieces in order to provide evidence for the case.

Follieri, 41, was recently sentenced to four and a half years behind bars after admitting to 14 counts of wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy.



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