Following a sneak peak at the CMJ and Houlden summer trade events, at International Jewellery London Domino Jewellery introduced the wider industry to a brand new product offering called the Anthology collection.

Moving on from traditional neckwear and earrings suites, the Anthology offers retailers a range of capsule collections complete with strong back stories and design inspiration.

The Anthology debuts with nine collections, each made up of a family of products with the same design inspiration, but tapping into a wide variety of key price points. The capsules offer a mixture of statement necklaces, large and small pendants, drop earrings, studs and lifestyle rings.


The ambition behind the Anthology is to give retailers a range of products which can be displayed together to create a big visual impact, all the while providing an opportunity for consumers to fall in love with a design and find the exact piece that suits their style and budget.

Beautiful sexy brunette girl dark hair evening makeup red lipstick long silk dress perfect shape tanned body, accessories jewelry watches handbag walking down the street, going to a meeting or a party
Campaign shot of the Marine suite.

Domino Jewellery creative director, Naomi Newton-Sherlock explains: “It is really about the two key consumer trends at the moment — personalisation and inspiring stories. One thing that has really shaped the range is the idea of making it personal, and the other thing is that we wanted the products to have narratives so consumers can connect with them emotionally because we know emotion is so important when it comes to product.”

Newton-Sherlock continues: “It’s quite a departure for us. It is a new approach, but it is a challenging market place at the moment so we’ve really got to be doing something different.”

The new offering is the result of research conducted by Domino Jewellery which reveals consumers want to play a part in the purchasing process. As high street and online stores are now filled with different options for consumers to play with and find their own style, shoppers no longer just want flexibility, they expect it.

“We all want something different from the consumer next door,” Domino Jewellery’s creative director explains, adding: “For instance with Ray-Bans you don’t pick them off the shelf anymore, you choose your style and colour. Consumers just expect this now.”

She continues: “It’s is about finding the concept that is right for you. People will all be drawn to something specific. We need to bring jewellery up to speed. Jewellery is an emotional purchase, it is not just about a product.”

By having multiple items across each collection, and covering a variety of price points, there is something to meet everyone’s individual budget and taste.

Gatsby offers emerald adornments.

The concept also paves the way for retailer’s to upsell, cross sell, and use the products and stories to make eye-catching window displays.

“For me it’s about creating that visual impact in the store windows, and really using the product to draw the customers in,” shares Newton-Sherlock on her vision for the range in store. “We haven’t always made it easy for the retailers by giving them just suites of jewellery, that makes it difficult for them to pull together that cohesive story and create that impact in the window, but hopefully with the Anthology they will buy into the concept by selecting two or three of the collections that they think will work best for their customer base and really help to bring the store windows to life.”

The Anthology works best when retailers truly know their clientele and what collections will suit their customers’ tastes. Then, they can choose two or three capsules which fits with the stores look, feel and personality.

The nine debut collections are: Barleycorn, Nova, Marine, Gatsby, Dew, Jasmine, Eternal, Lace, and Mandala.
Barleycorn takes inspiration from the motif the collection is named after, while Nova has been designed with the self purchaser in mind and plays with elegant curve shapes.

Beautiful sexy brunette model in fashion clothes posing in studio. Wearing coat, evening dress
The Barleycorn suite by Domino.

Marine and Dew both nod towards water, with Marine playing with diamonds and sapphires to create waves, and Dew drawing on cascades to a striking effect.

Jasmine and Lace are very feminine, with the first playing with floral designs and the latter translating the delicate material it is named after into intricate and eye-catching jewels. Elsewhere Gatsby introduces emerald stones and Art Deco influences, while Mandala is inspired by a spiritual symbol and Eternal offers a modern and timeless take on the infinity motif.

Altogether Anthology features a breadth of inspirations, and every piece will be available in multiple metal colours, and gemstones can be swapped to suit customer tastes. In addition, many of the capsules lend themselves to gifting, self-purchasing and bridal.

“The collections have been designed to hit not just Christmas but the bridal, gifting and self purchasing markets,” the creative director adds. “It’s really making the collections work throughout the year rather than at a specific time.”
Following retailer feedback, Domino has created a digital catalogue to support the Anthology and will link directly to the company’s website sharing the relevant technical information with retailers as well as live pricing.

The digital catalogue has been designed to demonstrate the concept of the collections, and incorporate eye-catching imagery. With a trend-driven look, retailers will be able to show the catalogue to consumers on iPads in store, further strengthening the customer experience.

“When we had our customer focus day the retailers said they don’t really need a printed brochure from us, they are much happier working with a digital PDF,” explains Domino’s marketing coordinator, Chantelle Serrell-Cooke. “The PDF gives them the opportunity to show the whole range even if they haven’t invested in it.”

As always with Domino, retailers will be able to sell the Anthology products as their own. With this in mind, the website has a feature where retailers can upload their branding and make the site look like their own.

Barleycorn designs from Domino Jewellery
Pieces are available in white and yellow gold.

“It’s important that we are giving them the support but they are still selling it as their own,” adds Newton-Sherlock. “It is their product in the window to reflect their business, as opposed to buying in more branded jewellery.”

This is the first time in the history of Domino that the company has not made a printed brochure and the team are looking forward to seeing the results of this. If it works, it should reach a wider audience and help retailers use it more effectively in store.

Every part of the Anthology – from the designs and marketing materials to retailer support – have been designed to enhance the fine jewellery customer experience on the high street.

With a much wider range of choice than traditional suites, and opportunities to customise, the Anthology provides a curated cocktail which should have consumers eyeing up your windows and walking through the door to find out more.