When Swarovski fly you to Innsbruck, Austria to celebrate Christmas in July, you know they must have something truly special in store for the festive season.

And sure enough — they did. After a day of teasing us with hints of what the big news might be, Swarovski revealed that brand ambassador Miranda Kerr has collaborated with Swarovski to design a Christmas collection.


Creative director Nathalie Colin beamed when she announced that the new collection represents the next step in the brand’s sparkling collaboration with the Australian beauty.

The idea came about at a press conference similar to the one Swarovski held for us in Austria.

Executive board member Robert Buchbauer explained: “It started in Australia a little bit more than a year ago. We were at a press conference in Sydney and we were having a discussion about Nathalie’s design team, and the nationalities she has on her team — she has 21, but now 22, because at the time there was no Australian.”

Miranda cheerfully chipped in: “I was kind of being cheeky, going maybe I could be the Australian designer, and the guys were like ‘that’s a great idea’.”

Much to Miranda’s surprise Rob and Nathalie instantaneously agreed she was the best Aussie to represent the brand, and that was it — the Australian model was no longer just the face of Swarovski, but a designer too.

Miranda has worked with the team to create two new ranges for AW15 — Diapason and Duo.

Diapason is a classic yet contemporary range that plays with fluid waterfall effects through dangling crystal components. The collection includes v-shaped and y-shaped necklaces, icicle designs and a clear colour palette featuring accents of soft grey and midnight blue.

When Miranda wore a necklace and bracelet set from Diapason to a gala she hosted at Swarovski’s museum Kristallwelten, the new pieces looked striking against her plain white dress, making this collection perfect for consumers looking for elegant sparkle to wear for special occasions.

Duo on the other hand is a range of meaningful jewellery with symbol motifs and colourful crystals that are ideal for stacking, layering and wearing from day to night. Each piece features a different symbol, whether in the form of subtle crystal pavé, cut out rose gold -plating or both.

When talking to Miranda it is the Duo range that brings a twinkle to her eye as she spoke passionately about the values of each piece. She says: “It comes from the heart. It comes from something inside of me that needed to come out and be expressed.”

Miranda wanted the essence of her collection to be significant like a blessing, wish, or personal sentiment. She explained: “I’ve worn so many different types of jewellery over the years, including the most expensive pieces in the world, but for me what is important is the meaning. It is not the price; it is the symbol and the meaning which is why I chose these ones.

“Jewellery isn’t more special because it is more expensive and I know that because I’ve been on both sides of the fence. What makes it special is the intention behind it. I feel the intention of this line is really pure and sincere. It is about trying to uplift others in the process of gifting. Or empowering yourself by buying it for yourself.”

With this in mind the range will be at the forefront of Swarovski’s Christmas campaign this year. Although the pieces launched into store at the end of August, the advertising surrounding the new jewels express the joy of giving and receiving at Christmas.

The collection’s symbols include a heart, star, four leaf clover, evil eye, snowflake and wing. These universal symbols are a blend of meaningful emotions with festive tones. The snowflake, for example, denotes Christmas as a motif, but the significance of Swarovski’s snowflake is that it represents that everyone in the world is unique, just like every snowflake.

Miranda also wanted the range to be a reflection of her personality, which is why she decided to go for fine and delicate pieces that project positive feelings.

“I try my best in my life to inspire others to look at the positives,” Miranda explained. “I feel this jewellery is an expression of who I am because that is inspiring others too. For instance with the love necklace, everything either comes from fear or love and if we remind ourselves to always come from love then we reap the benefits.”

Miranda was very involved in the whole process, making sure her creations reflected exactly what she wanted to portray. She chose everything from the size of the chains to crystal colours.

Discussing the design process Miranda said: “It was wonderful to work with the team because they were really receptive and open to my ideas.”

Miranda wanted every symbol to have its own specific colour and shape associated with it. For instance the wing jewellery line is crafted with purple crystals in a circular shape, while the evil range is accompanied by blue crystals in a pear shape. Miranda also wanted to make sure each piece had a touch of both white and rose hues as she herself likes to mix metals.

Miranda added: “Seeing it all come together was really exciting. The process was pretty seamless because they have a great team at Swarovski that I got on really well with.” She enjoyed the process so much that she has already started work on Swarovski SS16.

We couldn’t leave without finding out Miranda’s favourite piece. She answered: “Probably the evil eye, I like the message behind it – strength and connection – and I really like the rose gold.”

Miranda concluded: “I like them all though. I feel like it depends how I’m feeling that day, but I wanted to make sure that every piece I would personally wear, otherwise I wouldn’t want to sell it and put my name to it.”