There are a number of ways to measure the size of a company. Should we use its number of employees, revenue, number of retail units or some other parameter?

This makes rankings of the ‘top 10 jewellery retailers in the world’ somewhat subjective, even before we acknowledge that these figures by which we measure a company are constantly shifting, making a ranking out of date practically the moment it is published.

Fortunately for Signet Jewelers, it consistently ranks at least in the top 10 largest jewellery retailers worldwide on any given day, no matter which parameter we use.


It is also the self-styled “world’s largest retailer of diamond jewellery”, with upwards of 3,000 (reports vary from 3,000-3,600) stores worldwide.

Operating in the UK with stores under the H Samuel and Ernest Jones banners, Signet would also unsurprisingly rank in the top five UK jewellery retailers, regardless of the parameter we use to measure it.

Given that Signet employs more staff than practically any other company in the UK jewellery industry, therefore, PJ decided it might be interesting to ask: what is it actually like to work at Signet Jewelers?

Here we sit down with five of the company’s UK employees – from assistant store managers right up to district managers – to find out their experience at the company, what their role entails, whether they are happy with the potential for progression, and most importantly how Signet stacks up against other industry employers.

Barry Johnson, store manager, H Samuel

Alicia Courteney-Brebner, assistant manager, H Samuel

Jemma Sprakes, district manager, H Samuel

Jane Ryell, prestige store manager, Ernest Jones

Paul Sanders, district manager, Ernest Jones

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