Sunday, October 17, 2021

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Personalised jewellery has seen something of a resurgence in popularity during the pandemic as consumers look to take back control of their lives, even in the smallest of ways. How can jewellers best take advantage?

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Insurance broker says jewellers can earn commission, make additional sales from repair or replacement business and offer an enhanced e-commerce solution with its 'Add to Basket' service

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An in-depth look at how two of the industry's giants are approaching the lab-grown diamond question and what that could mean for the future of diamond jewellery

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Managing directors Bernd Dahlinger and Valerio d’Adamo take PJ on a trip back in time through the company's transformative history in the business

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The diamond company with loyalties to both natural and lab-grown industries takes a look at why LGDs are an opportunity not a threat

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Some in the industry are sceptical of the product but ultimately it is always the customer who knows best

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