Saturday, July 31, 2021

INTERVIEW: Unboxing 150 years of history with Ch. Dahlinger

Managing directors Bernd Dahlinger and Valerio d’Adamo take PJ on a trip back in time through the company's transformative history in the business

SPECIAL REPORT: Green Rocks busts lab-grown diamond myths and misconceptions

The diamond company with loyalties to both natural and lab-grown industries takes a look at why LGDs are an opportunity not a threat

GREEN ROCKS SPECIAL REPORT: What do consumers think of lab-grown diamonds?

Some in the industry are sceptical of the product but ultimately it is always the customer who knows best

GREEN ROCKS SPECIAL REPORT: A history of lab-grown diamonds

The company's Maiko Eaton takes PJ on a whistle-stop tour of some of the key dates in the history of LGDs and their ever-evolving terminology

GREEN ROCKS SPECIAL REPORT: Natural vs lab-grown diamonds – what’s the...

Green Rocks CEO Leon Peres takes a look at whether there is any chemical or structural difference between the two

FEATURE: What do retailers really think of Nivoda?

Nivoda offers access to the world’s diamond supply minus the hassle and cost often associated with sourcing product. Professional Jeweller finds out if retailers that use its online platform agree

FEATURE: Whatever happened to blood diamonds?

Back in 2006 was the release of the film Blood Diamond, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The phrase and the wider issue of blood diamonds had...

FEATURE: All the latest fashion jewellery trends retailers should be stocking...

With hospitality finally opening back up and social distancing measures coming to a very welcome end, the world of fashion jewellery could be about...

THE BIG INTERVIEW: Instant Wonder ‘more than just a retail store’...

As part of a massive rebranding project Swarovski has committed to bringing nearly 30 upgraded stores including one in London's Covent Garden

FEATURE: How Freeform Fabrication’s ‘exciting’ robot tech is revolutionising jewellery manufacture...

Despite the challenges of the past year, the pandemic actually helped accelerate Paul and Elena Ivanov’s ambitions to create a jewellery factory that would...