The Federation of European Education in Gemmology (FEEG) has officially launched a brand new website in the lead up to its 18th FEEG International Symposium of Gemmology, as part of the Gem-A Conference 2015.

In a bid to increase awareness of the FEEG qualification and to increase co-operation between centres across Europe, FEEG have revamped the online marketing of the Europe-wide federation through a re-design of the FEEG logo and the launch of a brand new website.

The new FEEG site, available live at was developed by FEEG members in the lead up to the Gem-A Conference 2015 to enhance the brand presence of FEEG and what it means to gemmology education across Europe.


Introducing the new FEEG website in the lead up to the Gem-A Conference 2015 aims to drive up recognition of the FEEG qualification and to promote it to members and graduates of each European teaching institution, as a next step in their gemmological careers. For graduates of one of the eleven FEEG institutions it’s one of the few next big challenges they can take after completing their Diploma – and thus represents an extremely important qualification in terms of both continued professional development and Europe-wide recognition of gem education.

Members of FEEG and an institution leading the re-generation of the FEEG’s public face, Gem-A are upbeat about the potential of this new era for the FEEG, with Gem-A chief executive officer Nick Jones saying: “We’re hoping this new site will lead to increased visibility and understanding of what FEEG is and thus will continue to increase its value to both students and the wider industry, in the years to come. We believe it is a vitally important qualification for all gemmologists across Europe and we look forward to continued collaboration with all of our partnered Associations and teaching centres over the years to come.”

Current FEEG president and head of the laboratory at the Istituto Gemmologico Italiano, Dr Loredana Prosperi, adds: “FEEG is expanding with more students taking the exam and we are pleased to offer better visibility and more comprehensive information on FEEG qualification and teaching centres through our new website. FEEG is a result of collaboration between European schools to support and encourage students to further their knowledge and professional development in gemmology.”