Designer’s first initiative so successful it will be repeated in 2012.

Birmingham-based international jewellery designer Fei Liu is celebrating the success of his initiative to introduce British jewellery brands to the Chinese market, describing the result as better than he ever dreamed.

As a result last year’s first program, which was due to run for just one month, has been extended and will re-launch with new brands in September this year.


Liu last year pioneered a program to introduce British designers to China, an economy that continues to boom – with an ever-increasing appetite for luxury goods – despite the recession.

He worked in collaboration with British Jewellery & Giftware International (BJGI), the British Jewellers’ Association (BJA) and UK Trade & Investment on a special showcase of British jewellery design talent at the Shin Kong Place department store in Beijing.

The initiative has been described as a great success and while Liu said he hoped the event would open up new markets for the designers who featured, it has been “more successful than he ever dreamed”.

He said: “British design is so unique, it has a wonderful sense of adventure, creativity and imagination and it has long been regarded as forward thinking.

“There is now a demand in China for individual design, so by creating the link between the two nations I believe China will benefit from the ever evolving British style and open up the market to a host of new talent and skill, whilst the British will gain the opportunity to develop a new consumer base.”

One brand that has particularly benefited from the initiative is London based brand Dorit, which creates floral inspired silver collections set with pearls, carnelians and amethysts.

Dorit is run by a designer of the same name. She said: “As predicted by Fei Liu, Dorit Jewellery’s feminine designs have been well perceived by the Chinese consumer. Although I have had an International presence before the event, this has opened up a whole new and growing market, to capitalize and build on for the future.”

The British-based jewellery designers partaking in the scheme last year were Dorit Jewellery, Leyla Abdollahi, Mahtag Hanna, Roland Green, Sarah Ho, Tomasz Donocik and William Cheshire headed to China alongside silversmith Christopher Perry.