Jeweller celebrates retailer’s 85th anniversary with statement collar.

Fei Liu has created a striking platinum neckpiece adorned with diamonds and pearls to celebrate Chinese retailer Chow Tai Fook’s 85th anniversary.

The Birmingham-based designer joined forced with Platinum Guild International (PGI) to create the piece, which is part of a collaboration with Chow Tai Fook to mark its milestone.


The neckpiece, titled the Fountain of True Beauty, is made in platinum with a sweeping design that wraps around the neck in a flowing manner to mimic water cascades. The design is adorned with tiny Lily of the Valley flowers and Calla lilies, and clusters of white diamonds and pearls.

A statement from the Fei Liu brand describes The Fountain of True Beauty as "bring[ing] to life the many facets of a woman’s true beauty."

As part of its 85th anniversary celebrations, Chow Tai Fook has teamed with PGI, Rio Tinto, The World Gold Council and Foevermark diamonds to create special pieces of jewellery on the themes of water, light, earth and man. It is promoting its anniversary with an initiative titled The Red Universe, which it says celebrates its achievements as a Chinese jeweller, while red is said to be "the first of seven basic colours that symbolises deep-rooted sincerity of Chow Tai Fook".

As statement on the Chow Tai Fook site says: "Throughout its history of development, Chow Tai Fook has taken inspiration from the purity of water, the nurturing power of earth, the virtue of mankind and the brilliance of light, earning its exceptional reputation through sincerity and its achievements through diligence. ‘Universe’, on the other hand, denotes collecting the brilliance of heavenly bodies to illuminate Chow Tai Fook’s 85 years of glory. Embarking on its 85th year of development, Chow Tai Fook will remain committed to its brand values of ‘sincerity – eternity’ and build on its brand strength and forward-looking global vision to target new milestones so that the brilliance of the Chinese jewellery industry will reach all corners of the world."