Jeweller guilty of 13 counts of theft after stealing customers’ jewels

Figaro Jewellers boss Alan Morris has been jailed for 15 months after being found guilty of 13 counts of theft.

Morris, who ran a jewellery store in Hamilton, Scotland, had been stealing jewellery from his customers over a four-year period to try and work his way out of financial difficulties. The jewellery had been entrusted to him either for repairs or safekeeping, but was sold on rather than being returned.


Hamilton Sherriff Court was told that Morris stole £100,000-worth of jewellery from his customers between January 2007 and February 2011. Some of the jewellery had a sentimental value as well as monetary, with one woman said to be in tears after discovering that she would not be getting back a platinum ring that her late husband had gifted her.

As well as hurting his professional reputation, the court heard how the thieving spree had affected Morris’s family life, with his relationship with his wife and daughter breaking down.

Police first became suspicious of Morris in 2010 but the jeweller had blamed the missing jewellery on repairs workshops. At the time he said: “We are an independent store and I’m sure everyone knows how hard it is in the current climate. We are not rapists, murderers or paedophiles. It is a business problem that is being resolved as we speak.”


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