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PJ AWARDS 2019 FINALISTS: Emerging Jewellery Brand of the Year


Professional Jeweller is delighted to announce the finalists of the Emerging Jewellery Brand of the Year category of the 2019 Professional Jeweller Awards.

Finalists in this category have entered the UK market in the last two years and successfully opened doors, built brand awareness and secured sales.

The finalists in the Professional Jeweller Awards Emerging Jewellery Brand of the Year category are:

Ania Haie
Since launching in the UK last year, Ania Haie has had soaring success. During the first year of trading, the fashion jewellery brand opened up over 1,500 retail stockists in 42 countries and sold 500,000 pieces of jewellery. Now entering its second year of trading and working with 25 distributors servicing the world, it now has sales and distribution offices in USA, UK and Hong Kong to fulfil the demand of the ever-increasing business.

Danish jewellery brand byBiehl has taken the UK by storm since landing into stores last year. Getting off to an impressive start, byBiehl opened accounts with some of the nation’s leading independent jewellers and multiples. Sales have been boosted through in-store events and local influencer campaigns, with retailers recognising the brand’s ability to win new business and build consumer loyalty. To date byBiehl has over 35 stockist in the UK.

Giovanni Raspini
Giovanni Raspini launched into the UK with a flagship on London’s South Molten Street in 2017, and has seen sales at the store grow each year with a high conversion rate when consumers enter into the store environment and discover the products. Now the Italian jewellery brand is looking to replicate its London flagship and home market success (in Italy Giovanni Raspini has seen fast double-digit growth over the last five years) in the UK by partnering with leading jewellers.

Ro Copenhagen
After initially launching Ro Copenhagen in Denmark in 2016 with instant success, the brand then landed in the UK last year; with the Scandinavian aesthetic appealing to fashion-forward and connoisseurs of luxury within the British public. Ro Copenhagen offers unique and contemporary designs, crafted in premium materials to ensure all pieces last a lifetime and can be passed down through the generations. The brand’s products are thought of as treasures by shoppers and retailers alike.

Sparkling Jewels
Sparkling Jewels has big plans for the UK market and has hit the ground running with its innovative selection of jewels. In the doom and gloom surrounding the British high street, the Dutch brand has been brightening up store windows with products adorned with vibrant semi-precious gemstones. By working closely with each seasons catwalks, Sparkling Jewels is able to respond to current trends quickly and be at the forefront of leading them in the jewellery market.

Shree Jewellery
Shree Jewellery is a wellbeing lifestyle brand that has silently slipped into the UK market with a wide and distinct range of products. By fusing far eastern beliefs with western contemporary designs, Shree Jewellery aims to offer strength to the wearer at a time where wellbeing is at the forefront of the British consumer’s mind. Adorned with natural stones and a modern aesthetic, Shree Jewellery has already started opening accounts since officially launching this spring.


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