Professional Jeweller is delighted to announce the finalists in the Independent Fashion Jewellery Retailer of the Year (fewer than five stores) category of the 2019 Professional Jeweller Awards.

Retailers in this category have to be independently owned, operate ten or fewer stores, and trade mainly in fashion and lifestyle jewellery brands priced at under £1,000.

The finalists in the Professional Jeweller Awards Independent Fashion Jewellery Retailer of the Year category are:


Christopher George
Based in Cardiff, Christopher George Jewellers is not afraid to evolve and adjust to consumer demands. Located in the city’s shopping centre, the independent jeweller excels in customer service and offers a product mix that attracts a wide range of ages into the store. By stocking fresh and relevant fashion brands, Christopher George Jewellers engages with younger consumers and ensures all generations remain loyal to the boutique.

Drakes dominates in Plymouth with its forward-thinking retail store, which is the only independent jewellery business in the city’s shopping centre. Entertaining events, local sponsorships, and eye-catching window displays pull in shoppers (and sales!), with the retailer’s customer service proving to be second to none. A testament to this is Drakes winning fashion jewellery giant Swarovski’s ‘Sparkling Attitude to Consumers’ award. Meanwhile, the family owners continue to make an impression on the town with the MD securing a Lifetime Achievement honour for being a ‘veteran of the Plymouth business scene’.

Fabulous Jewellers
Next year sees Fabulous Jewellers in Leamington Spa celebrate its 15th anniversary. The store has seen many changes over the years as the high street has changed, and the brands stocked have gone from small British designers, to major international brands, and now back to a balanced mix. The retailer’s own-brand, Mantra, has rapidly become the store’s fourth bestselling brand, hot on the heels of the established big hitters like Nomination and Thomas Sabo.

Sarah Layton Jewellery
Sarah Layton Jewelllery, which is based in the large village of Whalley, has been consolidating its fashion jewellery offer over the last 18 months, with design-led silver pieces now consistently performing well in store. By rotating the fashion stock window display on a monthly basis, it continues to look fresh and catch the eye of consumers. Regularly posting all social media also helps bolster business.

Silver Tree Jewellery
Lancashire-based Silver Tree Jewellery is quick to embrace new innovations and utilise emerging trends and technology to help propel business. In the city the independent jewellery retailer resides, each jeweller has a USP and a loyal following. For Silver Tree, investing in the store and evolving the customer experience to meet current demands has made the jeweller stand-out as a one-stop for buying the latest brands and designers for gifts or self-purchases.

Strange the Jewellers
Last year Strange the Jewellers decided to change the focus of its fashion jewellery products, making sure all main brands met one of three criteria: Have a genuine designer behind them, are a family business, like the store itself, or offer a unique product. As a result, the jeweller, which celebrated its 100th anniversary last year, has been enjoying strong sales with brands like UNOde50 and byBiehl , and British designers including Rachel Galley and Claudia Bradby.