Fope - Eka Tiny Flex'it

Launched at Baselworld 2018, Eka Tiny Flex’it caught the eye of British jewellers and, in turn, retailers have enjoyed the same success when placing the range in their very own windows.

The Eka Tiny collection combines exquisite technique and design to create an 18ct chain that is easily recognisable as Fope, yet is slimmer and more delicate.

At Baselworld, the Italian fine jewellery brand combined the range with its bestselling Flex’it offer, by adding its patentented 18ct gold mesh chain to the Eka Tiny designs.


The new Eka Tiny Flex’it line features both the collection’s signature gold rondels, with diamonds and new pavè set round elements, which can be paired with matching necklets, rings and earrings.

The Eka Tiny Flex’it version has become an instant hit in the UK. Pieces are very elegant and easy-to-wear, and are available at affordable prices.