Designer house Calvin Klein has a vast array of new jewellery and watches on offer for SS19.

While there are many lines within the seasonal offer, there are two trends that run throughout.

First is the introduction to ‘champagne gold’. In response to consumer demand and catwalk styles, Calvin Klein has softened its gold hue for SS19, adorning pieces with a PVD colour the brand has named champagne gold.


Furthermore, each collection has been designed to encourage personal styling. Within the ranges consumers can mix and match to curate their own look – choosing from statement pieces, to finer designs.

‘Bubbly’ features combinations of onyx, constructed coral, and white pearl bubbles, available in champagne gold PVD and stainless steel. Each colour combo contains at least one symmetrical choker, two different pairs of earrings and ring sets. The black onyx family even presents a full black PVD open bangle.

‘Clink’and ‘In Sync’ are both commercial lines, which will be easy for consumers to wear. Clink places the ring motif centre stage with a pendant, an open bangle and two sets of earrings in stainless steel, champagne gold PVD or a combination of stainless steel and pink gold PVD, while In Sync features circles inspired by movement and balance.

‘Spinner’ is a fun yet simple range, inspired by the motif of its name, and ‘Unified’ features organically interlaced wires.

Last but not least, Unpaired is an asymmetric collection where geometrical shapes are partnered with bubbles in a playful and modern selection of jewels.

View the new pieces here: