Pearl jewellery specialist Claudia Bradby has provided a glimpse of her latest collection.

Named Northern Star, the new line nods to the northern star and the points of the compass to help people navigate, whilst also echoing the protective shields of warrior shield maidens.

Claudia Bradby, founder of Claudia Bradby Jewellery, shares: “Pearls are the oldest known gemstone to have adorned us, and I was interested in jewellery through the ages and its role in society.


“The vikings wore bracelets to pledge fidelity to their kings, and the women wore beautiful shawl brooches into battle, and were known as shield maidens – I was particularly attracted to this concept – strong adventurous women, balancing home and hearth with ambition and war.”

She continues: “Inspired by a trip to see the ancient viking jewellery in the British Museum I wanted to create inspiring modern jewellery using these beautiful outlines, as empowerment for the women of today. It is often said that femininity is a superpower, and a point of strength for women, so I wanted to harness and capture the intense femininity inherent in beautiful pearls with these new designs. This is the ultimate pearl power.”

The collection will launch on October 3, with stockists receiving the range on the week of October 7 or 28.

Take a look at the Northern Star line here: