Italian fine jewellery brand Fope has launched a new style Flex’it 18 carat gold mesh chain, which finds its first interpretation in the new Panorama collection.

This is the first new Flex’it model for some time and is the result of Fope’s in-house goldsmiths and designers coming together to create an innovative new take on a much-loved product.

Following two years in development, the new18 carat gold mesh is a wider, flattened and finer chain, which provides an unexpectedly smooth and luxurious feel on the skin.


The new range of flexible bracelets and rings, necklaces and earrings (available in two sizes) makes Panorama a dynamic addition to the Flex’it family.

Diamond set gold bars across the mesh chain are a feature of the Panorama range and the designs within the collection are available in a number of different carat weights.

The inspiration for the name of the Panorama collection comes from the shape of the fine gold bars that are set around the mesh chain, which recall the components of a panorama wheel, but it also refers to a succession of frames that represent a continuous scene and reveal a wider view.

Both meanings will become clear and reveal their full potential later in 2020 with the unveiling of more additions to the collection at the Baselworld and Couture jewellery shows.

View a first glimpse of the new Flex’it style here:

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