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FIRST LOOK: Pandora unveils new store concept


This summer Pandora announced a major brand overall which would include a new visual identity and fresh store designs.

Today the brand has opened the doors to its debut refurbished store, in Birmingham, giving us the first glimpse of what’s to be rolled out worldwide over the coming months.

The new retail concept changes everything from colour choices to lighting and interior design.

The focus has been on creating a welcoming and interactive environment, which enhances the customer experience. As such, the store layout has been built for intuitive consumer flow and self-discovery.

Highlights include a charm bar, where shoppers can mix and match bracelets and charms, and a treasure table showcasing new products and bestsellers.

Customers are encouraged to touch and feel the products to experience the craftsmanship of the hand-finished jewellery.

The concept has also been created with sustainability in mind, with new lighting reducing energy consumption by at least 20% compared to current Pandora stores.

Inside the Birmingham boutique.

“Technology has changed how customers are shopping, says Mette Starup, vice president retail at Pandora.  “With so many online choices, it is no longer enough for a brand just to sell high quality products. Visiting a Pandora store should be an intuitive and playful experience. It should be about discovering the treasures within. We are making the store a destination you want to spend time at.”

Select elements of the new concept have already been tested at a pilot store in Leicester, UK, and Pandora will continue to develop the concept into 2020.

The new store design will roll out to more than ten locations in 2019 in the UK, US, Italy and China, and more than 1,000 stores will have new window visuals.

Pandora’s online store has also been updated with cleaner product imagery and improved navigation and check-out flow.

The new store concept features a charm bar.

The new store concept is part of Pandora’s global brand relaunch, which was announced on 29 August 2019.

The relaunch also introduced a redesigned logo, visual identity, products and collaborations.

Pandora Pink is the main colour shade in the new store concept, and the Pandora monogram, a key visual element from the redesigned logo, serves as the identity-carrying centrepiece.

Pandora operates four stores in Birmingham. The refurbished store is located in the Bullring shopping centre.

In the UK the new store design will be rolled out in Covent Garden and Bath before the year ends.


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