UNOde50 is introducing five new collections. ‘Face’ is created by company owner and founder José Azulay.

It embodies through four capsules the range of emotions that make us human, emotions that are – just as we are – unique, emotional, creative and exemplify a true handcrafted spirit.

Meanwhile, ‘Metamorphosis’ takes its inspiration from the chrysalis that transforms a caterpillar into a butterfly.


Far from conformity, this collection is inextricably linked to the creation process that drives physical and spiritual transformation.

Of ‘Balance’, the brand says: the sea and silence are two vital representations of the stages of stillness that meld together harmoniously to shape the real stars of this collection – pearls.

Next, ‘Renaissance’ is all about geometry and proportions, the search for perfection in gold. And finally, ‘Rebel’ is described as: blunt shapes, full of edges, that have become untamed pieces.