Consumer technology company Concepter has turned its attention to the jewellery industry with its Iblazr 2 flashlight, invented to improve the appearance of jewels online and in-store.

Concepter claims the technology will enhance the appearance of jewels being photographed for online or displayed in cabinets.

The company’s marketing manager, Arthur Sennikov, told Professional Jeweller the idea for the Iblazr 2 came after seeing websites, with jewels, being shot on the dim background with low quality and uncatchy views. “We knew that DSLR cameras, which are widely used for such photo sessions, haven’t had a special intense lightning adjustment, which could be helpful in solving the problem of ‘blurring’ premium products.”


Sennikov continued to explain that Concepter hopes the Iblazr 2 will be helpful to budding luxury photographers grow their skills for e-commerce.

He added: “Next year we are planning to make the next upgrade with iblazr 3, but this is a distant perspective, for which we also would like to get feedback from jewellery trade and other luxury retail segments.”

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