With our back-to-back meetings at Baselworld, Professional Jeweller had the opportunity to catch up with a lot of faces at this year’s show, which took place at between the 17 and 24 March.

After the second day, a common theme surfaced in the feedback from many exhibitors – footfall was down on last year. Surprisingly though, this was mostly followed by the same sentiment: sales were up.

James Deakin, from Deakin and Francis, commented “We started really, really well. Within an hour we’d opened up a great account in Switzerland. We’re selling to really good people.”


The general consensus seemed to be that although fewer people were visiting stalls, those who did visit were more likely to translate to sales. And so the old adage seems fitting to Baselworld 2016 – it’s really not quantity, but quality, that counts.

June Baskar, from Shamballa Jewellery said: “What really determines success is seeing what kind of walk-ins you get from people you didn’t know before, and what kind of networking you find while at the show. Basel is very important for us, for the European market. We have felt a small lack of buyers from the States, but for that there’s Couture, and there’s a slight lack of Asian buyers, who we’d typically target at the Hong Kong Fair, but it’s  a very, very important fair for Europe.”