Gary Birchley seeking to continue relationships with UK retailers.

A long-term Alfred Terry employee is seeking to re-build relationships with UK-wide retailers, with the launch of his own fine jewellery business that will supply much of the same collections as the now defunct bridal and fine jewellery supplier.

Gary Birchley will operate under the name Gary James Fine Diamond Jewellery, offering diamond and gold collections that match about 80% of the former Alfred Terry.


He has been working closely with former Alfred Terry suppliers, having joined the wholesale business at the age of 17, later overseeing stock control and merchandising, as well as the business’ bespoke service.

Birchley was also part of the management buyout of Alfred Terry in the 1980s and later became a shareholder of Alfred Terry until it was sold to Gitanjali Group in 2011.

After the Alfred Terry business ran into trouble and eventual administration in 2013, Birchley set about to uphold relations with suppliers and retailers.

He told Professional Jeweller: "When Alfred Terry was put into liquidation in October 2013 I realised there was an opportunity to pick up on the relationships that Alfred Terry had built over the years, and also to repair some of the damage caused under the Gitanjali ownership with quality and late delivery issues.

"I had always maintained a good working relationship with a first-class manufacturing company in Hong Kong that had always been reliable in terms of quality and delivery. The company was not owned by the Gitanjali Group and, although the vast majority of manufacturing was done through their Indian owned factories, there was still an element put through this independent company who had a relationship going back over 20 years with Alfred Terry.

"They agreed to support and supply me, which enabled me to offer approximately 80% of the Alfred Terry collection as it was, but now totally under my control."

Birchley is in the process of publishing the first Gary James Fine Diamond Jewellery catalogue of about 500 pieces, while offering access to more than 1,000 designs. He has already in talks with 80 UK jewellery retailers, and has helped those seeking out past Alfred Terry stock for customers.

He added: "I have been supplying to the trade for more than eight months and am in the process of putting a comprehensive catalogue of my offer together which will be distributed to the many customers that I have built relationships with over the years.

"I am looking to expand and drive the message forward as I am sure there are still many potential customers who are not aware that I am still able to replenish old Alfred Terry lines and supply stock and special orders from a very comprehensive collection."

A website for Gary James Fine Diamond Jewellery will launch in the near future.