Former ChloBo managing director Gary Carter has launched his own tattoo-inspired jewellery brand.

With an internationally renowned design portfolio, the British designer has developed a cult status for his silver stacking bracelets, and now he is managing his own brand titled CarterGore.

Launching at the Great British Tattoo Show, Carter has unveiled the CarterGore brand, which offers a unique take on the iconography of tattoo culture. Crafted in sterling silver, designs feature hand drawn creations, encapsulating the core skill of the true tattoo artist. Each jewel aims to capture the spirit of the wearer, celebrating individual style through playful, brave and simply mischievous motifs.


On the reason for focusing on tattoo inspirations, Gary Carter, craftsman and designer at CarterGore, comments: “I have always made jewellery but after creating quite a few tattoo inspired commissions I found myself falling in love with tattoo culture and the true artists that work in this amazing field. The more I researched and sketched the more obsessed I got, six months down the line CarterGore was born.

“I am constantly learning, making and developing my own unique style in the search for perfection. I just can’t commit to a permanent inking, I just keep changing my mind and with my jewellery it’s far easier to wear a piece of jewellery that fits the mood I am in at the time.”

The debut collection ‘Tattoo Candy’ has grown out of Carter’s commissioned pieces over the last six months, with the designer refining these for a capsule range.

CarterGore has also fully embracing personalisation with its Carnival Wonderland collection, where pieces can be customised with one-of-a-kind messages.

This collection features bangles and chokers and by using a vintage carnival font consumers can choose statement words or create a unique message.

Although every piece is hand-crafted by the finest craftsmen here in Britain, CarterGore uses state of-the-art laser technology to get intricate and striking details into its creations.

The debut collections are currently available exclusively online at, with pieces starting from £25. By being based online, CarterGore can react quickly to what’s happening in the tattoo world and keep products fresh, innovative and exciting – something he hopes will keep the brand’s fan-based growing.

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