Kate Baxter unveils Sotto Voce, teaming clients with designers.

Former Links of London jewellery designer Kate Baxter is embarking on a new jewellery initiative called Sotto Voce, teaming clients looking for unusual or unique engagement rings with independent jewellery designers.

Baxter, who also edits online jewellery blog The Cut, left Links of London earlier this month and has launched the initiative to help those looking to buy an engagement ring cut through “the overwhelming and often daunting mass of jewellery on the market”.


The Sotto Voce service will offer discreet advice, recommendations and introductions to a number of London-based jewellery designers.

It was launched after Baxter noticed a rising trend of men and women wanting something slightly different from a run-of-the-mill engagement ring but not knowing how to go about finding a reputable jeweller.

Baxter said: "Being a jewellery designer I get loads of people asking me to recommend engagement ring designers for something a bit different.

"I spotted a niche in the market for a company that could point these customers in the direction of a fantastic, highly-skilled jewellery designer, so they get something unique and handmade.”

Sotto Voce is also offering advice on other commissions aside from engagement rings, should a customer want, for example, a bespoke pendant or earrings made for them.

Baxter said she has had massive demand since soft launching Sotto Voce in February this year, but now that she has left Links of London “it’s full steam ahead”.