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Former Pandora president praises contribution of Willie Hamilton’s CMJ

Peter Andersen, president for Western Europe, Pandora

Peter Andersen, who resigned as president of Western Europe for Pandora in October last year, has said that the first year of working with The Company of Master Jewellers was crucial in the development of the brand in the UK.

Pandora was successfully established in the UK by Darren McCormick Jewellery in the noughties, but a messy divorce from the distributor left the Danish brand adrift.

The Company of Master Jewellers, which had recently employed Willie Hamilton as a modernising chief executive, stepped up to support and promote Pandora as it took control of its own distribution under Mr Andersen.

“That first year, when Willie and the CMJ team spotted the potential of Pandora early and ran with it, was important,” Mr Andersen told Professional Jeweller.

“The business relationship has changed since those early days, but we have been on a journey together and I have always stayed loyal to the CMJ because of that support,” he adds.

Speaking about Mr Hamilton’s resignation from the CMJ, Mr Andersen said he had always enjoyed working with the Scot. “We have always had a good relationship, both on and off the pitch,” he said.


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