Rachael Taylor on having the courage to take ownership.

The idea of stepping up and taking ownership of a new project can be daunting, but the returns can be spectacular.

Many of you, as business owners, will know this already. You’ve experienced the thrill of the risk, the pressure of success, and the sobering thought that it’s all down to you.


We constantly meet inspiring people in the jewellery issue who have fought against inaction to wrest the initiative, in fact we travel around the country seeking these leaders out.

That search led us to Chesterfield recently, where we found Helen Dimmick, who has recently taken over the Green + Benz retail business after completion of a successful MBO. She talks to us about her plans to bring some Tiffany & Co. magic to the North while recapturing her business’s own personality.

We also went a little further afield, around the same time, to Northern Ireland to meet a group of UK suppliers who answered the recession in Ireland by launching independent trade show Ireland Jewellery Showcase when retailers there could no longer afford to travel to the UK shows.

We’ve also tracked down a number of brands and manufacturers that are leading the charge on new product trends, be that offering affordable platinum or seeking out the next big silver jewellery craze.

At Professional Jeweller we are in awe of such innovators, something we affirm with a little annual project called the Hot 100. Being sensible makes for a sturdy business or a safe career, but sometimes being fearless can take you to new heights you never thought possible. 


This column has been adapted from an original that first appeared in the October issue of Professional Jeweller. To see a digital copy of this issue click here