With the Christmas trading period creeping ever closer, Professional Jeweller asked Laings sales executive and diamond specialist, Debbie McKernan, what fine jewellery trends have dominated through 2021 so far, and which she expects to endure through the rest of the year.

Engagement rings
It is no secret that engagements have gone through the roof since March 2020. “The pandemic has allowed people to reflect and re-evaluate elements of their lives,” McKernan explains, “so engagement ring sales have been strong.
“Diamond halo styles in platinum are still proving most popular, with the classic solitaire coming in a close second.”
Yellow gold
As for metals, it is an old favourite that is coming up trumps right now. “Yellow gold remains sought after, with clients admiring the warm hue of the metal,” says McKernan.
“This is a marked change from the white metals we saw dominating the industry for so long.
“Mixing metals can offer an alternative style, especially with the continued layering trend.”
Bespoke classics
Generally speaking, McKernan expects “timeless styles” to remain in vogue this year. “However, I also think that ladies are looking to embrace new options,” she says, “with many resurrecting unique pieces or incorporating heirlooms handed down.
“Bespoke design allows us to rework these pieces into designs that capture the past, present and future, and still hold that emotional sentiment.”
Coloured gemstones
Pandemic fatigue has undoubtedly created demand for bright, joyful jewellery. “Coloured gemstone jewellery is becoming more appealing to ladies looking to add a pop of colour into their lives,” McKernan says.
“The principal coloured gems – sapphires, rubies and emeralds – will always be desirable, but lesser-known ones like morganite blend modern sophistication with intrigue.”