Fraser Hart nods to brand repositioning with new campaign


UK jewellery retailer Fraser Hart has announced that the phrase ‘Chosen with Love’ will be added to all of its promotional activity later this year as a visible sign of the business repositioning itself in the market.

At the heart of the strategy is a move to cement Fraser Hart’s position as a mid- to high-end retailer, and stop competing for all customers from the value to the high end luxury end of the market.

“We cannot be all things to all people,” Noel Coyle, chief executive of Anthony Nicholas Group, the parent company of Fraser Hart, told our sister publication WatchPro.

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The retailer, which has a total of 55 stores across Great Britain and Ireland, is redesigning stores to give them a more luxurious feel, with fewer product lines given more space. Areas will also be designed to display watches and jewellery within the store, rather than filling windows.

The Chosen with Love phrase is Fraser Hart’s proposition to its consumers. Coyle shares: “Chosen With Love is our promise that every time and in every way that customers interact with us, we will create a treasured experience — one that understands that every choice they are making  is, in some way, made with love; an experience that is part of creating lifelong stories, one that makes them feel that they have made the best possible choice in and with Fraser Hart. Because it matters to them, it matters to us.”

For the business, this means that everything that Fraser Hart does now and in the future — concerning product, people, stores and online environment — will also be “Chosen With Love”, Mr Coyle explains, adding: “This is our framework  for every action, to help create lifelong relationships and to ensure that our customers always feel that they have Chosen with Love.”

Behind the campaign, Fraser Hart has done a lot of work around its brand values and customer segmentation, the fruit of which will be easily recognisable throughout the next six to 12 months.

In particular, the store’s jewellery line-up is set to change quite dramatically.

“It is about a quality proposition on products and a breadth of products across luxury watches and a strong bridal and general jewellery portfolio,” Noyle explains to WatchPro editor Rob Corder. “Going forward, we are going to be re-positioning our product. We are going to be much clearer with our customers about what our ranges are and what differentiates them. In bridal jewellery, we are developing our own brand and developing gold and diamond collections under that.”

By taking a “less is more approach”, Fraser Hart will be segmenting its offer, adding clarity to its positioning in the jewellery retail market, and making it easier for consumers to understand the experience they are going to receive with the company.

Coyle concludes: “. We will be editing our product line-up, and that will inevitably mean a condensed offer of brands. We need to focus on the brands that are strongest and fit best with our market positioning.”

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