Frederique Constant provides sales reps with iPads


The iPads support a new CRM system aimed at increasing effectiveness.

The new CRM aims to provide Frederique Constant sales reps anytime, anywhere access to the data relevant to their customers and seeks to increase sales reps’ effectiveness by 20 to 30 percent.

The SalesConquest CRM’s intuitive interface features tap and drag-and-drop functionality, enabling sales reps to quickly and easily customise, report, view and update information for their customers, partners and prospects.

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Using the CRM, Sales Reps and other mobile workers will be able to process orders by quickly entering the stock of Frederique Constant watches at the point of sale. They can also determine what has been sold since their previous visit and automatically generate a replacement order for the customer.

The new system will also allow reps to add and update information. They will be able to add new leads, contacts, accounts and in-depth information, simply by tapping on the appropriate icons and fields, and then either entering the data or selecting from pre-defined options.

For sales campaigns, the iPad based CRM can generate and communicate personalised campaigns and promotions to accounts with tracking capabilities and analysis tools

In addition to CRM functionality, detailed information regarding the entire Frederique Constant assortment and latest press releases will be loaded onto the Apple iPads.

The full Frederique Constant Master Catalogue and over 20 company films are available for in-store presentation, training and reference. Furthermore, the management has numerous options in terms of real-time viewing and tracking of information, as well as running sales related reports.

Frederique Constant CEO Peter Stas said: “We are very excited about this CRM launch. Frederique Constant is known for its innovative business initiatives. We are certain that the implementation of the SalesConquest CRM system will further drive our growth.”

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