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Frederique Constant sponsors Eva Longoria charity


The annual Par Coeur Gala takes place in Paris later this year.

Watch brand Frederique Constant has announced it will be sponsoring the annual Par Coeur Gala, founded by actress Eva Longoria and NBA star Tony Parker, later this year.

The Par Coeur Association, a French foundation, seeks to bring attention to fiscally responsible charities that continuously make substantial differences in the lives of countless families and children worldwide.

This year, the proceeds of the gala will go towards two non-profit organisations, Toutes A L’Ecoles and Eva’s Heroes.

Toutes A L’Ecoles operates to create schools and educational programs for young girls in developing countries and Eva’s Heroes works to enrich the lives of those with developmental challenges by creating environments in which they are free to interact, grow, learn, and love.

The annual Par Coeur Gala will be attended by a number of prestigious guests and celebrities, with the sole of aim of benefiting Par Coeur Association’s charity partners.

Frederique Constant chief executive Peter Stas said: “We are proud to be the official partner for this year’s Par Coeur Gala.

“We are committed to celebrate and support those passionate charitable organizations that go the extra mile to improve the lives of less fortunate people worldwide. Thus, Frederique Constant and the Par Coeur Association form a perfect match.”

Desperate House Wives actress Eva Longoria added: “Each year, the gala gains more and more attention and attendees, and we are so honored to have Frederique Constant participate as our official sponsor. This year’s Par Coeur Gala will bring together individuals who are dedicated to making a contribution to improving the lives of young girls.”

The event, which will be hosted by the Par Coeur Association founders, Eva Longoria and NBA star Tony Parker, is to take place at the Cambon Capucines Pavillon, Paris, on September 20.


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