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Freeform Fabrication offers exclusive discount code to Professional Jeweller readers


Freeform Fabrication has introduced the MS-35, an ultra-compact laser welder with features of the classic bench welder in a smaller size.

The new MS is the DaDo’s bigger brother, the distributor said.

It is designed for goldsmiths and dental technicians who wish to speed up their workflow without compromising on precision and accuracy.

The sitting position and arm-rest are intended to support users for hours of work.

The chamber size, Freeform Fabrication promised, is generous and is well lit.

There is a touchscreen for easy access to parameters and full control to change the spot size, power, frequency and Argon gas settings.

The machines are designed to be low-maintenance and come with two years’ warranty.

Furthermore, Freeform is now offering free shipping for the new MS-35 laser welder exclusively to Professional Jeweller readers on pre-orders in October and November 2021.

Readers should use the code MSPJFREE at checkout to claim the discount.

View the product here.


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