The Fiberlux NANO from Freeform Fabrication is a powerful laser engraver for deep engraving, fine marking and cutting on all metals.

It has many of the capabilities of bigger lasers with a smaller footprint that fits into any space.

Shops, goldsmiths and silversmiths can customise and produce complete jewellery lines with Fiberlux’s product. The NANO is also made so as to be easy to use for the first-time engraver.


It is equipped with an innovative, user-friendly system with which users can make intricate designs, brand jewellery and offer personalised and bespoke pieces.

The NANO is also supplied with an easy-to-use software capable of importing files from most well-known design programmes.

What’s more, Fiberlux promises low cost maintenance and three years’ warranty, along with the necessary basic and advanced training to get you started and provide ongoing support.
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