A high-profile debate about the future of diamonds will be taking place at the upcoming Vicenzaoro show.

Organised by The Futurist chief executive officer, Paola De Luca, the panel is expected to feature a lively and insightful discussion by senior diamond industry leaders from De Beers Group; Europe’s leading laboratory-grown diamonds supplier Madestones, as well as fashion and jewellery designers, influencers and editors.

“This will be a highly thought-provoking discussion about a key topic that needs to be at the top of the industry agenda in the New Year – the Future of Diamonds,” shares Paola De Luca, who will be the “disruptive” co-moderator of the debate.


The Future of Diamonds discussion will centre on the future positioning of synthetic diamonds in the jewellery market; the marketing of “perfection”, or rarity, and “imperfection” of diamonds, such as fluorescence and diamonds with notable inclusions, such as “salt-and-pepper” diamonds.

The Future of Diamonds discussion will take place during a period of great upheaval for the global marketing of diamond jewellery amid heightened competition in luxury, and confusion over the place that laboratory-grown diamonds will have in the trade.

The debate, which will be introduced by Gaetano Cavalieri, president of CIBJO-World Jewellery Confederation, will be of interest to industry leaders around the world, including retailers and suppliers, such as miners, manufacturers and designers.

The panel, which will be supported by digital illustrations and insights from influential industry leaders and journalists, will take place in the Tiziano Room, Hall 7.1, starting at 10.30 am on Saturday January 18, the second day of Vicenzaoro, which runs from January 17-22, 2020.

Paola De Luca’s company The Futurist is a research and creative intelligence firm, which delivers strategic projects, reports, research and analysis; editorial and educational projects; and marketing content for the jewelry and luxury sectors.