Boodles has released a new high jewellery collection paying tribute to a circumnavigating trip taken by its former chairman, Anthony Wainwright, in 1962.

Thanks to an album of photographs taken by Wainwright on the trip around the world, Boodles was able to take inspiration from the places he visited for the new selection of jewellery pieces.

Anthony Wainwright was the father of current chairman, Nicholas Wainwright, and made his circumnavigation of the globe in 16 days.


Rebecca Hawkins, Boodles head of design, said: “It was lovely to be able to look back at the places Anthony visited, with a view towards taking them as inspiration for pieces.

“Some had real personal meaning to me. Japan is a country I love: it’s a place I spent time in on my honeymoon.

“So it became a kind of springboard for one design. Anthony went to Kobe and Tokyo, but Kyoto was the place that I remembered most fondly.

“When I was thinking about my design for the ring, I heard that a wonderful emerald had recently become available and that unique tone of green immediately brought me back to the gardens of Kyoto. So it became a case of bringing those ideas together.”

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