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GALLERY: Chanel pays homage to No5 perfume with new 123-piece jewellery collection


Chanel has marked the 100th anniversary of its famous No5 perfume with the release of a new jewellery collection dedicated to it.

Patrice Leguéreau, director of the ‘Chanel Fine Jewelry Creation Studio’, has created the Collection No5, which the brand calls the first high jewelry collection ever to be dedicated to a perfume.

In 1921 the No5 perfume was composed by Ernest Beaux and Gabrielle Chanel.

Now, the brand hopes to have captured the essence of the perfume in its new jewellery collection on the 100-year anniversary of its debut.

“Gabrielle Chanel approached these two universes with the same visionary values, focusing on audacity and the quest for excellence,” commented Leguéreau.

“I wanted to rediscover that creative gesture with this collection, which has been conceived like a journey through the meanderings of the No5 perfume’s soul, from the architecture of the bottle to the olfactive explosion of the fragrance.

“The highlight of this unprecedented collection is an emblematic and exceptional necklace set with a 55.55-carat diamond.”


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