Jewellery retailer Laings’ has unveiled a first look at its newly renovated Cardiff showroom ahead of its opening tomorrow (Saturday, 16 October 2021).

The Cardiff store is just the first in a series of Laings stores to get the refurbishment treatment as part of a £10 million investment from the company.

The expansion project, which has seen the existing showroom more than treble in size to 4,735sq ft, features dedicated diamond and jewellery areas.


Building on its offering of luxury watches and jewellery, Laings Cardiff will welcome brands such as Rolex and debut Patek Philippe in Wales for the very first time.

Laings will also introduce Fabergé to Cardiff, with brand exclusivity in the city.

Stuart McDowell, managing director of Laings, said: “This expansion reaffirms our commitment to in-store experiences – and to Cardiff, a vibrant city with a thriving retail scene.

“The showroom is the exclusive home to some of the most sought-after luxury brands and we’ve worked hand-in-hand with our partners to create a truly immersive environment for our clients.

“Being able to showcase these esteemed brands in our signature space is sure to inspire both our clientele and those working in the industry.”

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