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GALLERY: Fope debuts first ever men’s jewellery collection


Italian luxury jewellery brand Fope has entered the men’s jewellery market for the first time with a new selection of 18k gold jewellery designed specifically for men.

The brand, headquartered in the Italian city of Vicenza, has never before made a full range of jewellery for men.

Its Flex’it bracelets and rings, the brand revealed, have been popular with both genders, however.

CEO, Diego Nardin, said that the range was developed with Fope’s retail partners in mind who had been requesting more products specifically for men.

“We know that men are already purchasing Fope Flex’it bracelets to wear themselves,” he said, “but we understand that some male customers can be reluctant to purchase jewellery marketed to women.

“This new collection has been designed and marketed towards the male market, and although some women may also want to wear these pieces, we expect men to now be even more interested in wearing Fope.

“Our unique technology to produce flexible gold jewellery also appeals to men who are interested in the precision engineering behind each piece.”

The collection is available from August with marketing campaign to follow.

Fope Product development manager, Claudia Piaserico, commented: “These pieces for men are instantly recognisable as classic Fope, using design references from our five core collections of Prima, Solo, Vendôme, Panorama and Eka, with a touch of masculinity from black diamonds and with accents of black rhodium.

“We have also reverse-set black diamonds along the bars of the Solo collection cufflinks, giving them a spikier, more contemporary look.

“Our Eka Tiny designs for men feature black diamonds set in black rhodium-plated gold hexagons that have an urban, industrial feel, and we expect the new cufflinks, bracelets and rings crafted from our wide Panorama gold mesh chain to be especially popular with men, as it is exceptionally comfortable to wear.

“Many men already wear Fope Flex’it bracelets alongside their luxury timepiece.

“Flex’it bracelets, with comfortable and ergonomic roll-on flexible gold chains, are a way to wear fine jewellery all day, every day, which is especially appealing to men.

“Just like our collections for women, our new elegant jewellery for men has been designed to be worn as everyday luxury.”


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