Jewellery brand Giovanni Raspini is releasing five new collections for spring-summer 2021, with an overarching theme of the natural world linking them.

The collections – Skin, String, Sicily, Petra and Crocodile – are available now from the brand’s website.

Skin includes two necklaces, two bracelets, two rings and two sets of earrings, all of which take inspiration from the ‘skin’ of some animal – whether it be the scales of a sea creature or the feathers of a bird.


Meanwhile, Petra picks up where the brand’s AW20 collection of the same name left off.

It comes in a silver version (with a pendant, ring, earring and bangle) and a gilded silver version (with an earring and a bangle).

Crocodile similarly takes the baton from the previous Moon Crocodile collection, with both silver and gilded silver pieces available.

View images of some of Giovanni Raspini’s new pieces below: