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GALLERY: H&T breaks out of pawnbroker mould as it enters new jewellery market


H&T Pawnbrokers is launching three collections for its debut in the new jewellery market.

The pawnbroker is known for its second-hand jewellery and watches but will henceforth sell new pieces too.

It believes the three collections will complement its existing pre-owned range of jewellery.

The three new lines are named Wellness, Twinning and 22ct and will be the first of many, H&T assures customers.

Sarah Buck, H&T head of retail, said: “We are really excited to be able to further develop our retail offering.

“Our new collections will mean that H&T can offer a wider variety of choice to suit more people’s styles and budgets.

“Becoming known for new ranges as well as our popular offering of pre-owned jewellery and watches will help us grow our audience and appeal.”

The Wellness collection features gemstones such as agate, amethyst and rose quartz, while Twinning is an ode to love.

Unsurprisingly, H&T reveals, 22ct is comprised of 22ct gold jewellery.


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