Jeweller Taylor & Hart has launched the UK’s first advertising campaign shot entirely with FaceTime.

For the ‘Love is Now’ campaign, the company decided to film in the most Covid-secure manner it could think of – through one of the same video call apps that has been keeping millions of Brits connected through the pandemic.

Via FaceTime, Taylor & Hart captured couple customers and their engagement rings from across the globe, which meant no hair and makeup artists and no set – just a couple and an iPhone.


The advert features Taylor & Hart customers from across the globe, from London to France and New York to Auckland, showcasing their love throughout lockdown.

The jeweller teamed up with photographer Tim Dunk for the shoot. He had been experimenting with the technique since the start of the pandemic as a way of continuing his photography work without breaching Covid restrictions.

Tim called the five couples through FaceTime and directed the shoot virtually, giving them hints and direction of how to pose, and controlling the shutter from his home in Leeds.