Decarde, a new British jewellery house using only lab-grown diamonds, has launched with an ethos centred around “sustainability and responsibility”.

The brand has pledged to work with “local artisans” when designing new pieces, and promised to use only fair trade metals in its made-to-order creations.

It aims to avoid bulk buying and imports in a bid to reduce its carbon footprint and environmental impact.


Its debut collection is named Vyse, after Birmingham Jewellery Quarter’s main street.

Each ring in the collection features 52 lab-grown diamonds set in 18ct white gold, rose gold or yellow gold.

Decarde was founded by Richa Verma, who commented: “My goal is simple – to design jewellery that makes women feel empowered.

“To make them feel beautiful without distracting from their own beauty, all whilst upholding a high standard of responsibility and ethics when doing so.”