Pandora will launch its new Brilliance collection, comprising the brand’s first ever range of lab-grown diamonds, from Thursday 6 May.

The diamonds in the collection range between 0.15ct and 1ct set in infinity designs, with the brand stressing that the stones have the same qualities as a mined diamond.

These also mark the first Pandora products given the CarbonNeutral certification in accordance with the CarbonNeutral protocol.


Every lab-created diamond in the collection has been designed by Pandora creative directors Filippo
Ficarelli and Francesco Terzo.

New ambassadors actress Rosario Dawson and supermodel Ashley Graham have also signed on to promote the UK-exclusive release

Speaking with Professional Jeweller, Pandora UK managing director, Kate Walsh, commented: “At the moment, the UK is the only market that’s going to be offering Brilliance, so our lucky UK customers can get something exclusive that they can’t get anywhere else in the world.”

Discussing the reasons behind Pandora’s move into the lab-grown market, she added: “We definitely don’t see the Brilliance collection as competing with the natural or mined diamonds. I think it’s all about customer choice.

“In the same way that fashion products can be created in many different ways, it’s really about customer preference. This is just another way to bring diamonds to the end consumer and, ultimately, the customer decides. I think that there’s definitely space for both.

“The lab-grown option is something that for some people will be more affordable and more accessible when we’ve got starting prices at £250.

“Combining the lab-made diamonds with sterling silver is something that isn’t widely available, and having that sterling silver option keeps the price point down as well.

“So there’s less of a price barrier if you want to treat yourself to a lab-grown diamond and have it more as the kind of everyday styling piece.

“Then we have got diamonds up to one carat which are more expensive than the entry price options and would be great as that special gift. I think there’s space for both in women’s lives.”

On whether the Brilliance collection will ever be available to retail partners, Walsh went on : “At this stage, we’re selling Pandora Brilliance through our concept stores and our e-commerce platform, and I think that’s the beauty of that business model – that, often, if we’re launching something that is really new, it gives us that opportunity to understand the customer, understand their shopping needs.

“Then, if we are looking to expand the collection to some of our multi-brand retailers in the future, hopefully that can be on a basis of sound insights and actual data that we have.”

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