Gang jailed for 10 years for Farrens robbery

Colchester jeweller claims victory after terrifying attack.

Three men have been jailed for a total of 10 years for a robbery at Farrens Jewellers in Colchester.

The raid took place on April 15 and the trio of robbers stole diamond rings and pendants from the jewellers worth more than £6,600. After escaping from the shop the men led police on a seven-mile high speed chase that ended in the group being arrested and the jewellery being recovered by police.

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No staff from Farrens, which is located on Pelhams Lane in the centre of Colchester, were hurt in the attack but were said to have been left shaken by the attack.

Judge Christopher Ball QC said at the trial: “This was well planned. Although no weapons or violence was used, it musthave been a terrifying experience for the shop’s staff.”

The three men – David Mullins, Jonathan Simpson and Clint Burnall – all pleaded guilty to robbery charges at Chelmsford Crown Court. Mullins jailed for five years and banned from driving for three years, Simpson was jailed for three years and Burnall, who the court said played a lesser role in the robbery, was sentenced to two years in jail.



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