Gareth Pugh on a Promise with Forevermark collab

Brit designer travels to Africa during creation of spiked neckpiece.

British fashion designer Gareth Pugh has collaborated with Forevermark diamonds as part of its new Promise campaign, creating a statement, spiked neckpiece set with more than 100 Forevermark stones.

Pugh has been working with the De Beers group diamond brand for several months, travelling to Africa to visit a Forevermark mine and sorting centres and meeting local communities.

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The neckpiece was created for the brand’s Promise campaign, focused on the belief that all promises should remain unbreakable.

It took six months to come to fruition and was created using digital body-mapping and 3D printing. It closes with a titanium pin which is set with a diamond on the top, used to signify unbreakable bonds.

Pugh said of his work with Forevermark: "For me, diamonds represent a compelling paradox, in that they are known for their hardness, but also for their innate femininity. This is something that I constantly try to achieve in my work as a designer: to create beauty, but a beauty built on strength.

"In the past I have described my clothes as modern armour and I would hope that in a sense they carry with them a disregard for passing trends, and moreover a promise of protection. With this in mind, I am delighted to approach my first foray into fine jewellery with a partner like Forevermark. I am proud to be part of their commitment to responsible sourcing and their legacy of excellence."

The neckpiece was first unveiled in Hong Kong and has since then been part of a travelling showcase, stopping off in India, China, Japan and the US.

The corresponding Promise campaign is focused on stories from Pugh’s travels with Forevermark as well as updates from a variety of international events hosted around the world to mark the campaign.

Visitors to the Promise mini site will be able to design their own piece of jewellery featuring a Forevermark diamond, with the finished image then available to send to a partner or loved one, as well as personal notes and promises of their own.

Forevermark chief executive Stephen Lussier said of the diamonds: “Forevermark is a diamond brand benefiting from 125 years of heritage from the De Beers group, the world’s foremost expert in diamonds. With such a strict selection process, less than 1% of the world’s diamonds qualify to be a Forevermark diamond.

"The Forevermark icon and individual identification number inscribed on every Forevermark diamond are proof of our promise to the customer and as such, allows Forevermark diamonds to be worn, and given with pride.”

The 2013 Promise campaign follows the success of the diamond brand’s 2012 Promises and Pledges Exhibition and its corresponding website. The brand says that designers and celebrities from all over the world "are joining the Forevermark 2013 Promise campaign", learning about how to responsibly source diamonds, and how the stones actively benefit the communities from which they come.




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