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Gecko’s newest collection blooms in time for summer


Jewellery supplier Gecko has expanded its offering by unveiling its latest jewellery addition the Elements Silver collection.

The collection, which took “in detail” as its inspiration, explores new finishes, textures and patterns, with coloured enamels, semi –precious stones and new Swarovski shapes. In detail has references to nature, art and textiles, having these multiple influences kept the designs interesting and fresh.

The collection comes as the brand responds to emerging trends from past collections, which suggests the client’s desire for larger silver pieces. Previous collections have shown that necklaces are preferred to pendants and that bangles out-perform station bracelets. For this catalogue Gecko has designed more statement pieces in diverse themes to maximise on this trend.

Gecko has also curated a bridal and Swarovski themed point of sale display, offering retailers an effortless way to present a mini collection to customers.

2017 will see Elements Silver revamp its current brand offering with a premium point of sale, plus coordinating packaging, similar to that of Elements Gold, allowing the brand to keep a cohesive message and stronger identity.

The stylish new modular design features innovative components that enable you to display multiple pieces and profiles, whilst the colour scheme is both eye-catching and complimentary.

Gecko’s creative director, Desiree Pringle, said: “The new designs for this collection have a beautiful level of detail and colour inspired by the natural world. Butterfly and flower motifs to name but a few, have been used to striking effect on a collection I know our customers old and new will love.

“I am also delighted this collection launches with our new sage green point of sale and packaging which enhances the overall impact of the collection in the store environment.”

Wholesale prices start from £4.98 and rise to £ 79.98 and will be available from the end of the month.


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