Covid-19 has accelerated the shift towards online and blended learning for Gem-A, the world’s longest established provider of gemmology education.

Ideally designed for gems, jewellery professionals and retail sales staff, the Gemmology Foundation course is a science-based qualification recognised globally.

Upon completion, students can progress to the Gemmology Diploma, the Association’s highest qualification, and can then join the Gem-A international community and use the letters FGA after their name.


Gem-A also offers the Diamond Diploma to support the ambitions of future diamond graders, retail associates and jewellery designers.

Once they’ve completed the course, graduates can use the letters DGA after their name.

Gem-A also provides a series of in-person one-day workshops at both introductory and advanced levels.

There is also the Diamond Grading & Identification Lab Class, which includes five days of learning and assessment. For further information visit