Gem-A mutes members’ online discussion forum Gem Talk

Gem Talk, an online forum for members of Gem-A to discuss gemmology and related issues, has been suspended until after council elections that conclude next week.

In a statement to Gem-A members posted on the entry page to Gem Talk, the council says:

“Gem Talk was conceived as a purely gemmological forum. Gem-A trusted its Members to be responsible, and the forum is not, therefore, moderated.

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“While robust debate about this election and many of the prolific posts on Gem Talk have been constructive and illuminating, other postings have been very far from constructive. Indeed many posts have descended into completely unacceptable personal abuse.

“We are also sure there has been more than enough time now for all candidates who wish to have a say on Gem Talk to do so. Gem Talk is, therefore, now suspended.

“This step is being taken in response to many complaints from Members and staff. The format of a Gem-A forum will be revisited by the newly constituted Council after the current elections.”

Professional Jeweller has requested an interview and put questions to Gem-A’s current chair Nigel Israel, but has received no response.


One Comment;

  1. Caroline T. said:

    There was no day, no hour without personal attacks against Gem-A current board and supporting members on GemTalk; it had gone much too far and too deep in villainy.


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