Three experts will discuss influence of Fairtrade policies on gems.

The Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A) is set to hold a discussion focused on the ethical challenges facing them gemstone industry at the Fairtrade Foudation’s HQ in London.

Gem-A will host the event on June 19 at the Fairtrade Foundation offices in Tower Hill, London, where guests are invited to partake in a discussion with a panel of specialists from both the gemstone industry and the Fairtrade Foundation.


The three guests speakers will discuss the influence of Fairtrade policies and the implementation of an ethical supply chain within the gemstone industry, while considering the reality of everyday business factors.

Gemma Cartwright of the Fairtrade Foundation will focus on the growth of ethical awareness amongst consumers and industry, from coffee to gold, while Jack Ogden, chief executive of Gem-A, will discuss today’s gemstone market and whether the trade cares about ethical issues.

Finally Greg Valerio, ethical jewellery champion and one of the founders of the Alliance for Responsible Mining and ethical jewellery retailer CRED, will discuss the implementation of an ethical supply chain in the gem and jewellery industry.

Industry members are invited to attend to hear about the current ethical developments and issues facing the loose gemstone market.